Nostalgic Movie Theater Popcorn Machines and Retro Popcorn Ad Prints


About Marquee Popcorn Company

The Marquee Popcorn Story

Manufacturers of Vintage Look Movie Theater Popcorn Machines

At Marquee Popcorn, we recognized that even the most beautiful home theaters and recreation rooms were missing something. What was it? A truly attractive, top quality popcorn machine.

Sure, there are those common, cheap imported poppers on two wheels, but they're better suited to a carnival or school fair - not a treasured place in your home! So we went to work, designing our unique, vintage-look movie theater popcorn machines.

Available in three alluring retro styles, a Marquee Popcorn machine will add the crowning touch to your exquisite home theater or other recreation space.

And you'll be glad to know they offer more than just good looks. Each machine is made in America with painstaking attention to detail and top quality materials, and features a durable, powder-coated finish for years of dependable service and family enjoyment. Plus, the commercial grade six ounce kettle with quick recovery will pop batch after batch of fresh, delicious, mouth-watering popcorn.

So why settle for a run-of-the-mill popper you have to hide in the corner of the room, when you can have quite simply, "the coolest popcorn machine on earth!" A popcorn machine you'll actually be proud to display.

A new Marquee Popcorn machine is sure to be a megahit with both family and friends, so order yours today!